How To Serve In The Church

The ministries below are directed by the vestry, and we are always looking for members of the congregation to volunteer to help in these ministries. Please contact Scotty Brock or any of the vestry if you feel a calling to participate in these great ministries. Thanks!


The ministry of Finance monitors the ongoing financial matters of the church, and insures that the proper checks and balances are managed with integrity.  This ministry is responsible for the creation and administration of a fully funded program budget that will provide for the mission of the church and support strong discipleship. The financial health of the parish is the primary focus of the Finance Ministry.  (Wynde Sipe)

This includes:

  • The Yearly Audit
  • Sunday Counters
  • The Budget
  • Capital Campaign
  • Quarterly Financial Reports and member statements
  • Finance Committee

The Ministry of Stewardship encompasses two important elements in the life of our church.  One is the coordination of our Every Member Canvas which raises money to support the Parish.  The other is educating the Parish on how we are callled to manage the gifts God bestows upon us and how we are to give back to God.  This includes, not only time, talent and treasure but also how we are responsible for our environment. (Patrice Aubrey)

This includess:

  • Stewardship Education
  • Every Member Canvas