Reflections from the Rector.

As a child, the first day of school was one of the most exciting and scary moments I remember. Excited because of wondering who would be my new classmates and teachers would be. Scary because of wondering who would be my new classmates and teachers. It was the one day I encountered anticipation and dread at the same time. And, strangely, I felt invigorated from this experience. No matter what happened on that particular day it meant a new beginning.

Life is about new beginnings. God is about new beginnings. It seems that when reading the biblical stories of God’s interaction with God’s people, God focuses on how our journeys emphasize beginning anew. Creation, Abraham, the Exodus, David, Isaiah and Jeremiah – all of these familiar stories highlight that there is alwys a new starting point which brings us that much closer to God.

So, with God, it is almost like that first day of school experience. We are filled with anticipation and dread as we sort out our encounters with the holiness of the Almighty. But one thing is for sure – God is with us and God will always be with us. May our new beginnings with God continue to bless us, shake us up, feed us and bring us that much closer to the kingdom of God.