Newcomers is a committee that falls under the Ministry of Communication.  It is how we welcome and incoporate those who visit us and want to be a part of our church family?  Areas of focus for Newcomers are:

  • Designing Newcomer material (Ann Annrich)
  • Welcoming and Incorporation
  • Special Events (Newcomer Meals)

Please read the Newcomer’s Committee Annual Report at the bottom of this page.

Here is our wonderful, hard working Newcomers Committee:

Donna Shoaff,  Brenda Gross and Sarah Kirchman
2018 was a busy year for the hardworking ladies of the Newcomer’s Committee. Not only did they make phone calls to St. David’s visitors and guests, but also here you see the enthusiasm this team had for the task at hand, i.e. “brainstorming” new & creative ways of attracting members to St. David’s.
Good work ladies!
NewcomersCommittee 1
This is Donna Shoaf and Brenda Gross
Here you see just one of the many meetings where the ladies can be seen working hard on assembling St. David’s Gift Mugs & St. David’s Cook Books.
Newcomers Committee 2
 Donna and Sarah Kirchman
To their credit, by the end of their term, this dedicated group of women had written more than 200 welcome cards and made 40+ phone calls.
NewComersCommittee 3
 Sarah and Donna with her back turned toward us.
NewcomersCommittee 4
 Donna and Sarah 
Thank you Brenda Gross, Donna Shoaff, and Sarah Kirchman.

Newcomer’s Committee Annual Report
By Wynde Sipe- chairperson 2018

Our Newcomer’s Committee here at St. David’s endeavors to create a welcoming atmosphere for those searching for a new church home. With the help of the parish administrator, our committee reaches out to individuals personally, either by phone or card, to answer questions and provide information concerning the ministries and activities here at St. David’s. Our committee, along with the Sunday greeters & the ushers, help to foster a sense of belonging and invite involvement and participation by all who are interested in “a welcoming, loving community centered in Christ.”