Adult Formation

 adultformation    Adult Discussion with audio-visuals. 

The Vestry area of Adult Formation covers opportunities for adults in the church and the church community for educational programs. Education is an important part of St. David’s ministry, and programs are available for both the young and the old. 

Adult Formation includes five major programs: Women’s Bible Study, Men’s Bible Study, Sunday morning class, the combined education and outreach program The Free Genealogy Lab, and Education for Ministry. The Women’s Bible Study, the Men’s Bible Study, and the Sunday morning class (The Modern Episcopalian Considers) meet each week and offer an opportunity for St. David’s community to gather, learn, and discuss matters of faith and life in a friendly setting. These meetings always welcome new attendees and provide an opportunity to meet friends and enjoy the Episcopal community. 

The Free Genealogy Lab is offered one Saturday a month and is open to all of St. David’s community and their friends and neighbors who want to learn more about their family members from the past. The lab offers a number of free resources and teaches you how to become an efficient and effective family historian. The lab sessions usually run about two hours and utilize the Church’s wi-fi service to connect with the wealth of information on the Internet. If you have wanted to research your family story but you don’t know what is available, the lab is just the opportunity for you. Your friends and neighbors are welcome to experience the lab and St. David’s Church. The lab is monitored by veteran family researchers who are happy to help you discover the story of your ancestors. 

St. David’s also offers Education for Ministry (EfM) through the University of the South. This intense four year program provides a strong foundation for a deeper understanding of faith, religious history, and church liturgy. The EfM program requires registration. 

For further information on any Adult Formation activity, contact the Church or check the monthly calendar on this website.