September 24, 2017


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 

What is Stewardship?  This time of year, as we approach our Every Member Canvass season, I find myself exploring the definition of stewarship.  In biblical Greek, this word means, "manage of the household."  Quite honestly, as I think I know what this means, I still want a deeper understanding.  I look to Holy Scripture for passages, stories and images which help me in this further study.

This year I was drawn to the story of the feeding of the five thousand.  All four gospels share this well known event where Jesus takes five loaves of bread and two fish and feeds the multitude who were with him.  Although appearing in all of the gospels, it was the version in Luke that got my attention and helps define stewardship.

The disciples, not knowing what to do with all people gathered to hear and see Jesus asked Jesus to do something about it.  They wanted him to send them away.  Instead, Jesus directs the disciples with a stewardship statement.  Jesus says, "You give them something to eat."

Give them something to eat.  As we prepare for a new year, a new leg of the journey with our Lord and Savior, we can easily become overwhelmed. The job is too big.  We do not have the resources or whatever it takes to accomplish what Jesus directs us to do and to be.

But, Jesus takes what we have, looks to heaven, blesses our offerings, and we discover we have enough - in fact, some is left over.  This is the essence of stewardship.  God gives us what we need in the beginning.  We recognize we must do something, but the job seems too big.  Jesus challenges us and takes what we offer, blesses us and shares with others what we have.  Give them something to eat.

We are all managers of our St. David's household.  Please be guided by what you can contribute to help our household feed our Church community and the Community around us in the coming year.  Please be prayerful as we enter into the season we focus on becoming God's stewards.



Yours in Christ, 


The Rev. Scotty Brock+

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