Rectors Stewardship Letter.

Father Scotty reflects on the importance of giving back to the church.

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

It is that time of year in which all of us are contacted by various organizations asking for support. Colleges, schools, institutions, causes and the like ask for the necessary means to uphold their particular endeavor. All of these, including the church, ask in many ways one specific question, “How may you be a good steward for us?”

There is that word again, steward. We are called to be good stewards to many things. Steward comes from the Greek word, oikonomos, literally meaning household manager. To be a steward, one must take on the responsibility and challenge of administering the house. Still, what does it mean to be a good manager?

When thinking about being a good steward, I associate the term with two words – duty and gratitude. In the light of duty, we obligate our resources to help someone or something else. We recognize the need to give what we have to foster an undertaking that resonates who we are and what we believe in. There is an element of responsibility as we give out of the sense of duty. We say We Believe coming from the sense of duty.

In the biblical understanding of stewardship, gratitude is added to duty. We are grateful for what God gives us as we give back to God ten percent of what we are in charge of. We say Thank you when it comes from gratitude.

In answering the challenge from Jesus to becoming good stewards, we embrace the importance of duty and the richness of gratitude. We encounter the fullness of God’s love through our vocation of stewardship.

St. David’s is entering into the Every Member Campaign for 2019. I urge everyone to consider these two words – duty and gratitude. We have a need and we ask that you believe in what we can accomplish through your support. Also, I urge us to explore gratitude. What is it we are thankful for in what God has given us?

It is a great honor being your rector, as I know what this parish family is capable of doing from a place of duty and gratitude – belief and thankfulness.

Yours in Christ,

The Rev. William M. “Scotty” Brock