Rectors Stewardship Letter.

Father Scotty reflects on the importance of giving back to the church.

“When Jesus turned and saw them following, he said to them,‘What are you looking for?’

They said to him. ‘Rabbi, where are you staying?’ Jesus said to them, ‘Come and see.’”

John 1:38-39

 Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


Each year as we prepare for this season in which our stewardship to God becomes the focus, I try to explore the various components of this particular theme. All of us are called by Jesus to be stewards. It is in this ministry and challenge we examine our time, talent, and treasure. As essential time, talent and treasure are in our understanding of being stewards for God, they only are a part of the picture. Our role as stewards in God’s world reminds us of the importance of giving back to God in gratitude for all that God has done for us.

There is another aspect of stewardship we rarely think about. It is through stewardship we encounter and deepen our personal spiritual journey to God. The words from the Gospel of John came to mind.  Jesus begins his ministry with John the Baptist announcing who Jesus is, “Look, here is the Lamb of God!” Two of John’s disciples hears this and questions Jesus as to where he is going. Jesus’ response to them is “Come and see.” The answer he gives is not direct nor is it explicit. This reply opens the door to the mystery of God.

Stewardship is not simply the duty of giving – time, talent, and treasure. It is about hearing Jesus say to us, “Come and see.” What we see is the pathway to intimacy with God, thankfulness to creation, and the depth of what God wants to have. “Come and see” invites us to embrace and experience God’s holiness in a world that has forgotten this holiness. It also enables us to become the servants Jesus calls us to be as we make ourselves available to God.

This year I want to challenge all of us to be more intentional about growing into the role of being God’s stewards and Jesus’ disciples. Let us hear Jesus say to us as a parish and as spiritual pilgrims those words he shares with the early disciples – “Come and see”. I give thanks to St. David’s for the generosity and love so freely bestowed in the name of God. I encourage us to listen to Jesus and follow him as he bids us to “Come and see.”

Yours in Christ,

Father Scotty+