Reflections from the Rector, October 25, 2017

It was my younger brother’s birthday this past weekend.  The way he wanted to celebrate was for a group of us to go to an escape room.  An escape room is a room or maybe several rooms where one is given a series of puzzles to complete in order to escape the room.  Usually these rooms have a particular theme.

The theme for the one we ventured through in order to celebrate my brother was called “The Ventriloquist”. The object was to find a missing child ( a ventriloquist dummy) before the dastardly ventriloquist returns. You had to finish this task in an hour.  This was a blast!

There were six of us who were in the room with the mission of finding this child. At the start of the hour each of us went our separate ways trying to figure out this puzzle by ourselves.  Then slowly we came together and by using the observations, the abilities each of us had, we were able to figure out this escape room with one minute to spare. 

This ordeal began as individuals working apart from each other.  We ended with all of us working together. 

I love the Gospel of John because one of the strands that runs through this portion of scripture deals with how we journey from being individuals to becoming the Body of Christ.  Whenever Jesus is approached by someone who wants to know more about God, he simply says, “Come and see.”

We come as individuals and find ourselves a family in the Church.  We bring what ourselves to the altar and discover by sharing ourselves, ministry is accomplished.

With Jesus, it is not as much an “I” thing as it is a “We” thing. When being together, worshipping together, working together, we begin to understand what is meant when Jesus says, “Come and See.”

~ Father Scotty

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