In 2004, St. David’s began a 3 year Capital Campaign to raise approximately $300,000 to provide funding for an aggressive program of capital projects. Some of the significant accomplishments resulting from that campaign included paying off the mortgage on the Church, replacing the Church roof, complete painting of the interior of the Sanctuary, carpeting of the Sanctuary, repaving the upper and lower parking lots, installing cushions in the pews, replacing HVAC units, and many others over time.

Over the last year, the Finance Committee and Vestry have reviewed the needs of the Church for Capital Improvements that are now needed and recommended. Based on the reviews that have been done we recommend that the church embark on a new Capital Campaign to raise $140,000 to fund these projects.

A great deal has been accomplished in recent years from the continued support of the original campaign but the additional funding is needed to move forward with recommended projects.


SUMMARY OF 2018 Capital Projects


  • New audio equipment installed in sanctuary.
  • Removed over 20 trees to improve lighting in upper parking lot, remove potential risks to Church and Parish Hall buildings. Trimmed azalea bushes in front yard.
  • Replaced one of the HVAC units for Parish Hall and part of unit in Choir Loft in Sanctuary.
  • Completed electrical improvements, installed new locks, and miscellaneous other upgrades in response to Fire Marshall audit and recommendations.
  • Restriped all parking lots and added additional handicapped parking spaces.
  • Installed (by SCE&G) additional street lighting to improve nighttime visibility.


RECOMMENDED 2019 – 2020 Capital Improvements


  • Painting – repainting of Church Sanctuary. Painting Parish Hall Upstairs and Downstairs including all hallways and classrooms upstairs.
  • Replacing HVAC units – 2 units serving the Parish Hall date to 1992 – 1993 and should be replaced as soon as possible.
  • Front Yard Landscaping – Install new sod in front yard of Church grounds, and in areas near side entrance.
  • Courtyard Improvements – complete grading of courtyard area, install concrete pad to provide setting for a labyrinth and replant area.
  • Playground Improvements – Remove existing playground equipment, regrade playground area, instill playground suitable mulch and install new playground equipment.
  • Sound System – Additional enhancements proposed for sanctuary sound system to include equipment to improve the ability to record worship services and make them available via internet streaming.
  • Church Website Improvements – Continue work that has begun to update and enhance the Church website.
  • Entrance Lighting and Identification – Conduct further review of improvements needed for better lighting at Polo Road entrances and obtain proposals for new Church entrance signage.
  • Parking Lot Improvements – Repair and resealing of upper and lower Church parking lots.
  • Parish Hall Audio Visual Improvements – Upgrade equipment for use in presentations and meeting in the Parish Hall to include new projector, TV, sound equipment.
  • Other Projects – Other projects as may be determined. The Stewardship and Finance committee and Vestry invite the input of all Church members on other needs they recommend for our review.


As you consider your part in making a commitment to the Capital Campaign, please pray for guidance in reaching a decision that will be right for you and for the needs of the Church.  This website allows you to fill in the Capital Campaign Commitment Card form by selecting the Giving tab, then select the 2019-2020 Capital Campaign Card page. When you submit your donation, you will receive an email verification of your pledge.

 The church also has a paper Capital Campaign Commitment Card for you to complete and return if you choose to do it that way..

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