Reflections from the Rector - February/March 2014

“Be joyful, brothers and sisters. Keep your faith and do the little things that you have seen and heard with me.” St. David of Wales

March 1st is the day dedicated to St. David of Wales. Where it is reported that he is one of the most beloved of saints in Britain, very little is known outside of legend. He was a missioner, pastor and preacher. He inspired others to be obedient to the Will of God.

With all that he accomplished and advocated, one word kept coming up over and over again as I did research. That word is joy. We are to be joy-filled in our sharing of the Gospel with the world that knows of very little what it means to be loved by God. The quote at the beginning of this reflection is said to be St. David’s last words before he died.

How is it that we approach life with joy? How can we approach that which makes no sense – that overwhelms us – with the understanding we are to be joyful? The only way we live in the joy that David challenges us with is to live in love with Christ.

We are beginning our journey with Jesus through the season of Lent. Our pilgrimage will have those moments in which we struggle to understand faith, hope and love as found in God. May we take this season of reflection and approach life as demonstrated through our patron saint – “Be joyful, brothers and sisters.”

Our walk in Lent may not be easy. Our walk in Lent will be rich if we take our steps with as much joy God gives us Jesus.
~Father Scotty

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