Reflections from the Rector - April 2014

We go through the storms of the soul so that we can embrace the light of Christ as found in Easter. We look into our doubts, our uncertainties, and our fears to encounter our faith in Christ being with us and living with us as we journey through life. Suddenly, down the road we see God opening up the heavens and lighting up the world. Lent to Easter.

This year Holy Week begins on Sunday, April 13th. In a concentrated way, we are given a pathway that begins in darkness and ends in light. The Church calls the Thursday, Friday and  Saturday the Paschal Triduum (Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday.) Maundy Thursday comes from the Latin “man datum” meaning mandate or command. “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another as I have loved you” Feet are washed, bread is broken and the altar is stripped signifying what Christ did for the Last Supper. Good Friday, or God’s Friday, as Christ dies on the cross shows who truly is in control and that is God. Holy Saturday focuses on the burial of Christ and also prepares us for the Joy of Resurrection  as celebrated on Easter.

These are not designed as three separate services, but as one service with three different parts. If one really wants to enter into the fullness of Christ as given to us at Easter, come and be with us for Holy Week, especially for the Triduum. Let us travel from dark to light together.

~Father Scotty

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