September 25, 2016


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 

In past years, I have attempted to answer the question, “What is stewardship?” And I have shared with you that the word stewardship comes from the Greek word that means “family or household.” I also have told you that it is important for us to embrace what it is we can do for the family. This year, I want to emphasize a very important aspect pertaining to stewardship that brings everything together, the other question we should wrestle with as we discern the ministry of giving to the family; “ Why stewardship?” 

When I was 15 years old, I listened to our priest talking about pledging and decided to give $5.00 a month to the Church. Back then, that $5.00 was a great deal of money to me, or at least this is what I had convinced myself. But this giving was my duty

What I came to realize was that the more I acted out of my sense of duty to God, the more I became resistant, perhaps even resentful.  Or was it just that my giving had become mechanical: Do the thing you are required to do with no real heart attached? I had to change my attitude about giving being a duty before I could learn that giving is really a blessing. What I was offering to God needed to reflect the wonderful life I had – a good family and friends and a Church that was included in my understanding of what a wonderful life means. 

In giving of our gifts (time, talent, and treasure) we acknowledge the goodness God freely bestows upon us and acknowledge who God is in our very hearts and souls. This is why we are to give the first ten percent of who we are to God – not out of duty, but out of blessing. 

I encourage all of us – as we plan our budgets and include what we will pledge to the Church – that we start from the place of blessing, rather than that of duty.  St. David’s ministries are growing, and we need your blessing for the spread of the kingdom of God. 

Yours in Christ, 



The Rev. Scotty Brock+

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